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A Unique Opportunity

With Hairfor2, color selection is simple. Application is quick and easy allowing the Stylist creative freedom to create the look the client has been craving. Show your clients how to apply Hairfor2 themselves and you’ll have a customer for life.

What is Hairfor2

Hairfor2 is a unique line of extraordinary Salon Professional products that are perfect for styling, shaving years off your age and have a focus on cosmetically thickening your hair. For men and women of all ages experiencing the devastating condition of hair loss, Hairfor2 Hair Thickener dramatically improves the fullness of thinning hair helping to restore its natural look. The boost in self confidence this brings can dramatically improve the professional and social lives of your clients – they will love you for it.

Since its market introduction, we make use of your product Hairfor2 hair thickening spray on our patients with great success, these patients suffer from thinning hair and substantial bald spots and want nothing more than to have a full head of hair again. Our patients who use Hairfor2 Hair Thickening Spray are very excited about the result they get in return, incredible wealth and fullness of hair.

Dr. med Cecilia Flury


Good day Hairfor2 Team
We at Transhair International are so impressed by Hairfor2 that we have included it in our sales program. Hairfor2 proves to be a welcome addition for both men and women who want to achieve the ultimate hair result.

Our clients are very satisfied with Hairfor2! We wish you great success With this exceptional product.

Cor van Oyen

Transhair Benelux B.V.

Why You Should Become a Hairfor2 Dealer?

Your Clients Will Love You

You have men and women with thinning hair that need your professional help and they’ll become life long, high value clients when you do.

The numbers add up to a great opportunity for you! Numbers like this – when we asked 50 of our customers to rank “how you feel after using Hairfor2”,

-88% of them ranked “increased self confidence” as the No. 1 benefit
-84% of them ranking “feeling more attractive after use” as the No. 2 benefit.

Hairfor2 users feel great and retention rate is high resulting in repeat sales.

Increase Your Average Sale to Existing Clients

Increasing your average sale is the No. 1 best way to lift profits and selling extra products and services to your existing clients is one of the best approaches.

-Hairfor2 is a new product class adding to your existing services and retail to immediately boost sales.

-Hairfor2 is not for everyone but does have a broad demographic appeal from twenty-somethings through the boomers. Regardless of age, if they’re suffering hair loss, they want to look great and Hairfor2 can help.

A Key Sales Tool in Your Arsenal of Hair Loss Solutions

Many potential clients are unsuitable for hair replacement for a variety of reasons yet they do not wish to use medications or wear a wig.
Hairfor2 works regardless of the cause or the stage of hair loss to provide the instant and impressive results the client is looking for.

Don’t let the customer get away; give them the look they want with Hairfor2 and save the sale. It’s an inexpensive option for the client yet keeps them coming back to your shop regularly.

Get New Clients

The second best way to increase profits in your business is by increasing the number of customers you have – new products and services like Hairfor2 , bring new clients to you.

-Be one of the select Distributors to advertise Hairfor2 as your new specialty service
-Large potential market in your neighbourhood –31% of females and 57% of males are thinning.

Great Cash Flow

Cash is King in any business – keep your register ringing and inventory moving with solid retail mark-ups.

-Consumable cosmetic product – once they try it they won’t go out without it!
-Regular monthly purchase for men and women.

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